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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Miss Bishopville Tire Company

My name is Anne Martin Galloway and I was born in Bishopville, SC on September 23, 1952 at the Lee County Hospital. My best memories were living on Baskin Avenue until I was 6 when we moved to Sumter, SC.

This is a picture of me as Little Miss Bishopville Tire co. in (I am guessing 1954 or 1955.)

There was a parade (and Gayle Kerr might remember more details) and my sister, Mary, was already on a float. I was so jealous and started crying so Gayle felt sorry for me and added on to the "go cart" (it looks like a lawn mower) and made me "Little Miss Bishopville Tire co.".

As you can see by my layers of princess clothing, I am the sheet princess with small tires for my crown and to wave with.

Please contact me at for any other information if Gayle can't fill you in on the exact dates and which parade it was.

Thank you, Anne Martin Galloway

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