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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Letter from a Native in Cold, Cold Florida

Hi John!

I’m still reading the blog regularly, and love keeping up on what’s going on in B’ville!

Just thought you might want to tell any readers that are interested that the Ovation network – a cable network that usually aims for highbrow (or, I guess, higher-brow than the usual stuff!) is now airing A Man Named Pearl! I found it when I was doing my channel-surfing during the Super Bowl (not a football fan…), and it was on again last night (Monday). You can get the schedule of when it’s airing at (Be warned, though, that much of the original movie is cut – I think the dvd of the movie runs 78 minutes, but Ovation has seen fit to put it in a 1 hour time slot, complete with lots of commercials.)

Hope that all is well with you – hi to all your readers from cold, cold Florida (seriously, it is – supposed to be in the 30s tonight!)

Sally (Sally Ginsberg Waters)

Editor's Note: Somebody tell Sally that the 30's would be a heat wave to us last night. In the low 20's or below here in Sumter.
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