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Friday, August 01, 2008

Thank you all for making July 25th through the 27th, 2008 the greatest Gathering of the Classes ever!

If you were among the attendees of the 2008 Gathering of the Classes II then look in the mirror, pat yourself on the back and say thank you... It's because you attended and supported the event that the weekend was a huge success.

Thank you and thank you to the following for a job well done.

Gathering of the Classes II Committee
John Patterson, Daphne Jean ‘Muldrow’ Dickerson, John Reames

Entertainment Committee
John Reames, Hank Martin, John Patterson

Mailing and Contact Committee
John Reames, John Patterson, Daphne Jean ‘Muldrow’ Dickerson

Food and Beverage Committee
Daphne Jean ‘Muldrow’ Dickerson

Golf Tourney Committee

Steve Monroe, John Reames

Memorial Service Committee
Rev. Bill Bouknight, Hank Martin, Bill Patterson, John Reames

Bus Tour Committee
Jewell Tindall, John Reames

Decorating Committee
Annette ‘Watson’ Stokes, Annette ‘Watson’ Nichols, Jennie ‘Kennington’ Darity

Assisting the various committees when asked:
Lee Stevenson, Skip and Irene ‘Reames’ Lewis, Pete and Patsy ‘Watson’ Paris, Brad Lewis, Bobby Stokes, Billy Baskin, Jewell Tindall, Jean ‘Shirley’ Watkins, Steve Monroe

Thank you all!

I'm in the process of editing the pictures I managed to take for publication. Please send me your pictures, especially any of the bus tour and golf tourney so that I can include them.

Note: The name of the band is B J Caughman and the Creations featuring Doug Allen on guitar & vocal; Cleve Edward on Key Board & vocal; Frank McCally on Drums & vocal and lead singer B.J. Caughman on Sax & vocal

If you wish to book this group contact me: or 803.720.5007

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