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Friday, August 01, 2008

Gathering of the Classes II

Once again the classes came and met, shared old and new news, and then departed back to our homes to wait for another two years to come around in order for us to get together again.

It was an honor and a privilege to work with Johnny Reames and John Patterson. This was my second reunion serving on the committee. It was fun and I had a wonderful time both years working with my good friends, but now it is time to pass that honor on to someone else. I definitely will assist when and if I am needed and asked, but I will just do the things that I can handle with whatever situation is going on at the time.

I am anxiously awaiting the memory book that will be coming out. I hope that everyone has subscribed for their copy. If not, do so to Johnny Reames. Also write an article about yourself to get into the book. I am certain we will all cherish it until our dying days.

For those of our former classmates that did get to attend this year's gala, please save your pennies and dimes so that in two years you can plan to attend the next one. You really missed great music, wonderful food and seeing all your old friends.

I would like to take this time to thank Johnny Reames for all his hard work and efforts in getting everything together for this reunion. He put many long and hard hours into theis task. If u have not contacted him since returning home, please do so and let him know what a wonderful time you had.

Looking forward to seeing those of you that were here this year and those of you that will be ready in two years to come. God bless each and evry one of you.

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