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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe and Irene 'McCutchen' Black Celebrate 41st!

Joey Black wrote:

Wanted our friends in B'ville to know......

My lovely bride Irene and I will celebrate our 41st anniversary tomorrow, August 27th (Today). The lady deserves a round of applause for putting up with me for so long!

Really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.

Joe and Irene Black

Editor's note: Use the comment section below to send your messages to Joey and Irene 'McCutchen' Black.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"A Man Named Pearl"

Allen Hobbs writes:

Hi All,

Well this past Sunday night I went downtown San Diego and saw a documentary on Bishopville's Pearl Fryar. There was Tom Drayton, Ronnie Williams, Gee Akinson, etc. on the big screen picture show. Can you believe that.

There was my home town of Bishopville on the movie screen at one of the biggest movie houses in San Diego. I am telling all my friends that a documentary was made in my home town of three thousand people and it is being shown all across the nation.

Thank you Pearl for making Bishopville famous! Go see 'A Man Named Pearl' and see Bishopville on the big screen.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Newly Installed Lee County Historical Society Officers

Front row: Davis Kirkpatrick, Treasurer; Marion Messier, President; Linda Sutherland, Vice-president
Back row: Jewell Tindall, Parliamentarian; Willene Smith, Secretary; Ralph DesChamps, Historian; Rev. Phillip Mixon, Chaplain

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lee County Native Asks for Our Support

Jake Smith writes:

Dear Lee County Friends,

For four years, Ace Hardware has sponsored the “Tour de Kids” bicycle ride to raise support for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). The first three years, I admired the courage and stamina displayed by my riding friends as a spectator and contributor. Last year I joined them, riding 536 miles from Lincoln, NE to Denver, CO.

I hope to ride again this year but I need your help. This year’s tour will begin in Chicago on September 11th and end in St. Louis, MO on September 16th. That is a distance of over 350 miles.

In order to participate, I have committed to doing two things this summer:

1) Ride my bicycle – and then ride it some more
2) Raise the minimum of $3,500.00 in CMN contributions required for participation.
My goal is $5,000.00

A 350 mile bicycle ride is a difficult and fun filled challenge. My team will help me to meet those challenges. I will depend on them, they will depend on me and our challenge will be over in five short days.

17 million sick and injured children in America aren’t so lucky. For them, every day is filled with new physical challenges, some with no foreseeable end. During last year’s ride, I had the privilege of visiting with some of these miracle children. They depend on organizations like Children’s Miracle Network for encouragement and financial support and Children’s Miracle Network depends on the generosity of good people like you. I am asking you to contribute on my behalf to this worthy cause.

Will you help?

Here are several ways to donate:

The link below will take you to my CMN web page. From there, you may donate online and/or follow links to other web pages that explain the relationship between Ace Hardware and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Jared's Tour de Kids Web Page

If the link doesn’t work (and they often don’t!), copy the address below into the address bar on your web browser and press enter.

If you prefer to not to make financial transactions online, you can write a check payable to:

Ace Hardware Foundation

And mail it to me at this address:

Jared Smith
PO Box 425
Bishopville, SC 29010

Or you can send your donation directly to the foundation:

Ace Hardware Foundation
Attn: Jody Phillips
2200 Kensington Ct
Oak Brook, IL 60523-2103

If you use this method, please write “Tour de Kids – Jared Smith” in the memo area of your check.

I encourage you to visit the website even if you plan to mail a check. I have small slide show from last year’s ride on the site plus you can leave me a message. I love to read your comments.

Thank you so much for your support! The children appreciate it and so do I!


Editors note: The Children's Miracle Network was founded by the Osmond family & John Schneider in 1983. There are four Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals here in South Carolina who, when combined with the 166 other CMN Hospitals help 17 million kids triumph over illnesses and injuries each year.

Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital
Palmetto Health Children's Hospital
McLeod Children's Hospital
Greenville Hospital System Children's Hospital

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August's Birthdays

John Patterson’s birthday is August 12th

Val Green’s birthday is August 13th

Charlie King’s birthday is August 19th

Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Thank you all for making July 25th through the 27th, 2008 the greatest Gathering of the Classes ever!

If you were among the attendees of the 2008 Gathering of the Classes II then look in the mirror, pat yourself on the back and say thank you... It's because you attended and supported the event that the weekend was a huge success.

Thank you and thank you to the following for a job well done.

Gathering of the Classes II Committee
John Patterson, Daphne Jean ‘Muldrow’ Dickerson, John Reames

Entertainment Committee
John Reames, Hank Martin, John Patterson

Mailing and Contact Committee
John Reames, John Patterson, Daphne Jean ‘Muldrow’ Dickerson

Food and Beverage Committee
Daphne Jean ‘Muldrow’ Dickerson

Golf Tourney Committee

Steve Monroe, John Reames

Memorial Service Committee
Rev. Bill Bouknight, Hank Martin, Bill Patterson, John Reames

Bus Tour Committee
Jewell Tindall, John Reames

Decorating Committee
Annette ‘Watson’ Stokes, Annette ‘Watson’ Nichols, Jennie ‘Kennington’ Darity

Assisting the various committees when asked:
Lee Stevenson, Skip and Irene ‘Reames’ Lewis, Pete and Patsy ‘Watson’ Paris, Brad Lewis, Bobby Stokes, Billy Baskin, Jewell Tindall, Jean ‘Shirley’ Watkins, Steve Monroe

Thank you all!

I'm in the process of editing the pictures I managed to take for publication. Please send me your pictures, especially any of the bus tour and golf tourney so that I can include them.

Note: The name of the band is B J Caughman and the Creations featuring Doug Allen on guitar & vocal; Cleve Edward on Key Board & vocal; Frank McCally on Drums & vocal and lead singer B.J. Caughman on Sax & vocal

If you wish to book this group contact me: or 803.720.5007

Gathering of the Classes II

Once again the classes came and met, shared old and new news, and then departed back to our homes to wait for another two years to come around in order for us to get together again.

It was an honor and a privilege to work with Johnny Reames and John Patterson. This was my second reunion serving on the committee. It was fun and I had a wonderful time both years working with my good friends, but now it is time to pass that honor on to someone else. I definitely will assist when and if I am needed and asked, but I will just do the things that I can handle with whatever situation is going on at the time.

I am anxiously awaiting the memory book that will be coming out. I hope that everyone has subscribed for their copy. If not, do so to Johnny Reames. Also write an article about yourself to get into the book. I am certain we will all cherish it until our dying days.

For those of our former classmates that did get to attend this year's gala, please save your pennies and dimes so that in two years you can plan to attend the next one. You really missed great music, wonderful food and seeing all your old friends.

I would like to take this time to thank Johnny Reames for all his hard work and efforts in getting everything together for this reunion. He put many long and hard hours into theis task. If u have not contacted him since returning home, please do so and let him know what a wonderful time you had.

Looking forward to seeing those of you that were here this year and those of you that will be ready in two years to come. God bless each and evry one of you.

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