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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flavors, Fables, and Fantastic Facts about Bishopville and Lee County

The Lottie Green Chapter No. 785, United Daughters of the Confederacy, just completed and published a 96-page cookbook entitled "Flavors, Fables, and Fantastic Facts about Bishopville and Lee County." The book is full of recipes, but also offers stories about the Lizard Man and other tall tales. The last section of the book is devoted to true stories about Bishopville during the War Between the States. Instead of the normal “Appetizers, Meats, Vegetables, etc.,” categories, the recipes are categorized by “Almost Homemade,” “Church Suppers and Family Night Suppers,” “Cooking for Two,” “Garden Parties,” “Girls’ Night,” “Holidays and Special Occasions,” “Refreshments for Club Meetings and Circle Meetings,” and “Tailgating Foods.” The book also contains a section of stories and tales written by students at Robert E. Lee Academy, as well as a section written by chapter members about growing up in Bishopville. This section has numerous old photographs of chapter members past and present when they were children. The cookbooks are $10.00, plus $2.50 per copy for mailing. Orders and checks can be mailed to Retta Tindal, 327 S. Heyward Street, Bishopville, SC, 29010.

The Lottie Green Chapter is not the little old blue-haired ladies of past years. Members range in age from 28 to 92. You might remember some of the chapter members: Daphne Jean Muldrow, Elizabeth McCutchen, Stephanie Salmon (Jay and Peggy Salmon's daughter), Jewell Tindall, Cheryl O'Kelly, Anna McDaniel, Retta Dickinson, Marion Dickinson, and Margie Jeffords, just to name a few. The proceeds from the cookbook sales will be used to place Southern history books and biographies in the Robert E. Lee Academy Library, prepare gift packages for the 15 World War II and Viet Nam vets at McCoy Nursing Home and Cottonwood Villa, and purchase Crosses of Military Service for presentation to veterans of World War II, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and peacetime service.

I hope each of you will support this effort and will purchase one of the books. It will be well worth your money and you can go down memory lane along with those of us who helped put the book together. Please let us know what you think about the recipes and the stories and tales we have added.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Former Lee County Native is Breeding Paints in Ohio

Are you bored? You want a truly wonderful adventure to get you out of your doldrums?

Take my advice and service the SUV; load up the grandkids and head downtown or uptown, whatever the case may be, to the crossroads at Main and Church in Bishopville.

At these crossroads you simply wait for the traffic light to turn green before heading out in a southwest direction on US-15 toward Sumter. Now you don’t go all the way to Sumter, understand? You only are going about 2.3 miles.

Hey! It’s only approximately 5 minutes! You can make it. Promise the grandkids ice cream or something for Pete’s sake. (Is there anyone out there who can tell me who this Pete fellow is?)

Okay, back to the driving. Right there where I-20 crosses over highway 15 South you want to take the ramp onto I-20 West towards Camden and Columbia before you go under the bridge.

Listen, once you are heading in the right direction on I-20 you want to go about 51.6 miles before you start looking for exit 64B. Yep, you got it. You have to take exit 64B to merge onto I-26 W toward Spartanburg.

Just a warning, this is a long drive and you had better check to be sure the kids used the restroom before heading towards your next highway change in North Carolina.

Now that you’ve made that unscheduled pit stop you can get back on I-26 and concentrate on finding the next Interstate. That will be I-40 so be on the lookout for exit 32B which will let you merge onto I-40 W toward Canton/Knoxville.

Just so you know Tennessee is about 2 hours up the road so you better make a quick check with the kids or you won’t make it to the state line without another unscheduled pit stop. After crossing over into Tennessee you need to be on the lookout for your next highway change and that is I-640 West.

At this point in your trip you will probably be well served by having your grandkids looking for exit 393 just to keep them occupied. If that fails stop the vehicle and bind them to the top luggage rack if there is room. Be sure to have them facing the rear so the bugs don’t get in their teeth. Be alert now, for the situation with the grandkids will surely be causing nearby motorists to be rubbernecking.

Now that you’ve located exit 393, take it and merge onto I-640 West toward Lexington; keeping in mind your next highway change will be I-75 North and it’s only about 6 miles up the road.

As you take the exit onto I-75 N toward Lexington, take the opportunity to have your wife lean out the window to check on the kids. Have faith; in only two hours and thirty more minutes you will be entering into Kentucky and it’s only about 172 miles from this point before you have to take the exit onto I-75 N toward Cincinnati/Georgetown.

Exciting ain’t it! In about 150 miles you will officially be leaving Dixie as you enter the Yankee state of Ohio. This will be a good time to check your weapons. Also, it probably would be a good idea to bring the kids back inside the SUV since I’m not sure how Yankees treat their grandkids. Besides they can help load if the need arises.

Okay, now you can look for and take exit 73 off the Interstate onto Ohio road OH-55 toward Ludlow Falls/Troy. About 3 tenths of a mile down the road you will want to turn left at West Market Street. Turning right will only get you deeper into unknown Yankee territory and you certainly don’t want to do that.

West Market Street is the same as OH-55 W or W OH-55 just like the Camden highway is the same as SC 34 back home. All you have to do now is continue following OH-55 W or W OH-55 for just about 2.6 long miles. That’s when you have to take a slight right at CR-38 or Horseshoe Bend Road. Don’t ask; I have no idea what a CR-38 is!

You will most likely have to drive for another seven and a half miles before you spot a road sign that has S OH-721 stamped or painted on it. Turn right here, reminding everyone to lock and load before driving on for another mile.

At the one mile mark on your odometer you will be at Fenner Road and you final destination is probably a half a mile down this road.

There will be an old codger to greet you as you turn into the drive at 11760 Fenner Road. If not, Darrell or Dona, his wife will probably be found down in the stables or pasture tending to their herd of black and white American Paints.

Know this; now that he has retired from a business he and his family grew into a 3 million dollar a year industry of mold making for the plaster enthusiasts out there, he has plenty of time for you and the grandkids.

Tell Darrell Snipes hello for me.

If you decide not to make the trip with the grandkids in tow just drop him a line or two. Darrell owns a computer but he only uses it to play games. No e-mail so I’m sure he’ll be delighted to hear from you. His mailing address is PO Box 201, Laura, OH 45337

Maybe the old coot will make the trip to Bishopville for his 50 reunion and join us at the Gathering of the Classes II gala July 25, 26 and 27 of this year.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ginsberg's Ladies Shop

A few weeks ago I received in the mail a note card informing me that this establishment of 69 years would soon be closing the door for good. I was heart broken to think after all this time when I returned to Bishopville I would no longer be able to stop by and speak to "Miss" Frances and Nancy and of course to browse and then purchase something for an occasion that might come up.

I remember as a young person going to Ginsberg's with mother to purchase an Easter outfit or an outfit to wear to the Clemson/Carolina games. During this time, you were judged by the suit, kid gloves, heels and even your hat that you wore to the games. Those were the good old days.

After I went to nursing school, I remember coming home for the weekend to visit the family. I would call "Miss" Frances and she would go to the store on Sunday afternoon for me to try on clothes and make my purchases. No one would do that now except for her.

Later after I married and moved away it was the same way. I could call and tell her I would be in Bishopville for the day and she would once again meet me at the store to assist me with everything that I needed.

I would like to thank "Miss' Frances for all she offered me as well as the people of Lee County over the years. She will be missed and the store will be missed. I was very saddened when she told me the residents of Lee County no longer seemed to support the store. Main Street is becoming very empty and I am sorry to see this happening. I was hoping to see Main Street build up again, but it does not seem to be heading that way.

So again I say to "Miss" Frances and to Nancy that I appreciate all they have done for me and for Bishopville over the years. You will truly be missed, but I hope we will be able to remain in contact even though the dress shop will be gone.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gathering of the Classes Reunion and Golf Tourney

Gathering of the Classes II Reunion scheduled for July 25, 26, and 27 this year please make your check out as follows and get it in the mail to us so that we can have a head count as soon as possible:

Pay to: Gathering of the Classes II
Amount: $35.00 for singles; $60.00 for couples.
Gathering of the Classes Golf Tourney: Open to Ladies and Gents Add $20.00 greens fee per person*
*Note: If we can get 30 or more players we will have the course to ourselves. Commit early; Deadline June 16.

Please mail to:

Johnny Reames
Gathering of the Classes II
PO Box 7363
Sumter, SC 29150

Two Wild and Crazy Guys

I just got word that a tough, grizzled, and old renegade who was last spotted in Petaluma, California, may be attempting to reunite with an equally old former classmate who is an absconder as well.

Both individuals are escapees from an institution of higher learning located in Bishopville, South Carolina.

The pair who along with many others, staged their daring breakout in 1960. Although there have been many sightings over the intervening 48 years all have managed to remain liberated.

An uninformed source (who has no idea I’m doing this, will remain unidentified for safekeeping purposes simply because he is uninformed) has alerted me, The Authority on Runaways, to anticipate seeing the pair in and about Daytona, Florida during next Sunday's 50th running of the 500.

The audacious duo should be easy to spot for they will be the only elderly men likely to be displaying riotous behavior along the streets and back roads of the Atlantic coast resort city most probably on a motorcycle and acting like teenagers.

Due to their excessive age it is entirely possible that you may be able to locate this pair simply by following the trail of empty WD-40 cans they are sure to discard.

I got these pictures of the two from the local Post Office.

If you see these renegade’s contact me, The Authority on Runaways Immediately. Then and only then can we join up with them for they are "Two Wild and Crazy Guys".

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Buzzard Egg


Each month I post birthdays on this blog. So, if you don’t mind others knowing that you were born and not hatched from a buzzard’s egg, just click on the link above and enter your birthday for me.

Don't worry, it'll take less than a minute (and you don't have to enter your year of birth).

If the link above doesn't work, copy and paste this link to your browser:

Thank You,
John Reames, Editor

Feburary's Birthdays

Jim Ed McCutchen Feb 8 1941
Paul Smith Feb 12 1944
Judy 'Bryant' Walderman Feb 13
Bobby Benson Feb 14
Sandra (Tanny) "O'Kelley” Maddux Feb 14 1943
Irene Lewis Feb 15 1944
Helen Boykin (Sammy's bride)Feb 17 1942
Marie "Clyburn" Parker Feb 23

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