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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where, Oh Where......... ?

From Betty "Baldwin" Lowery BHS Class of 1961. Betty writes:

...."Always nice to get together with old friends. Looking forward to July. Do you have contact information for Betty Jean Polk Hyatt (61)? I haven't found anyone who has seen or talked to her since graduation. I think her sister Jeannette may still be in the area but not sure.".....

Editors note: If anyone has any information concerning Betty Jean "Polk" Hyatt let us know. (use the comment section below)We will be happy to pass it on to Betty "Baldwin" Lowery.

Make copies of the form below and give to your classmates who do not have access to a computer. They can mail the information to:

John Reames
P.O. Box 7363
Sumter, SC 29150

If you haven't done so, please complete the requested information, copy and paste in an e-mail to:

Contact Information

First Name:


Last Name:

Date Grad/Attend:

High School:

Spouse First Name:


Last Name:

Date Grad/Attend:

High School:

Street/Box Address:




Home Phone:

Business Phone:

Cell Phone:


E-mail address:

Share this information with others?

Yes: No:


Sunday, October 14, 2007

The McCutchen's

Over the years I have enjoyed each contact I have had with “Miss” Mary Hipp, as she is endearingly known to her many friends everywhere, and this past week was no exception.

It was this past week that I received a letter from her that included some pictures of her son Jim Ed, his wife Beth and one of her daughter Aila, whom most of you remember as Edna.

Miss Mary Hipp tells me that Jim Ed, Beth and Aila go all over the world on these big hunts. These pictures were taken on their most recent trip to Argentina.

Aila raises these dogs (shown with her in the picture above) and shows them. I think she has been very successful in her endeavor with this.

This particular dog is four years old and is called Cricket. I have heard about Cricket from Miss Mary Hipp quite a good bit and think this particular dog might be Aila's favorite.

Miss Mary Hipp still plays the piano and enjoys her church outings very much. What a lovely lady she is.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Lee County Trivia Question

Back in August, 2007, we posed a Lee County Trivia question to our readers. It was disappointing to us that no one brothered to use the comment section of the blog to record their answers.

Surprisingly, we did receive many e-mails in response and without disclosing the names of the responders here are some of their answers.

From the Red Hill area came this matter-of-fact response:All of them.

From the Elliott - Wisacky section of the county we received: I think there are only 2 Darlington and Sumter.Is that right?

From the Ashland area we received this answer/question: Are they Darlington, Hartsville, Florence, Sumter and Camden?

We had one response from a Lee County Native now living in one of our western most states who gave the correct answer if the question had been, How many states border South Carloina?

Some of you were really close, but no cigar! Therefore, we decided to pose the question once again.

How many counties (by name) border Lee County?

a. ONE
b. TWO

Take your time. Do a bit of research and please use the comment section to record your answer. Do not e-mail your responses.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Praise Concert

The Bishopville Pilot Club is hosting a Praise Concert at the Bishopville Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Nov. 4, at 3:00PM to benefit Camp Burnt Gin located in Sumter County and operated by the SC Dept. of Health and Environment Control.

The camp accepts boys and girls from South Carolina who are ages 7 through 19 with brain related disorders and disabilities or chronic illnesses. The disabilities include such conditions as head and spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, cystic fibrosis, seizures and many others. The majority of the children that attend Camp Burnt Gin are unable to participate in another camping program because of their physical limitations and special needs. Pilot volunteers are committed to improving their communities and assisting those in need.

Headlining the concert are Charlie and Derek, Cedar Creek, Hank Martin, and Lawrence Chewning. Other Christian entertainers will be announced later and I will pass on to you at that time.

This will be a rewarding afternoon of worship and music. Let's come out and support our classmates and their families as they perform for us and this worthy cause.

Tickets are a $10.00 donation. Please mail checks for this amount made out to the Bishopville Pilot Club. Mail them to Liz Simon, PO Box 252, Lugoff, SC 29078.

Charles and Derek (C&D Christian ministries) as well as Lawrence Chewning have their own website. Just Google them if u are interested in contacting them.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Every Year On The Same Day You Celebrate

Let us celebrate with you! Get your name on the monthly lists.

To make it fairly easy for you we've teamed up with Birthday Alarm but I still need your help. Just click on the link below and enter your birthday details.

(It's quick, easy, and you can keep your age a secret.)


October's Birthdays

Freddy Stuckey’s birthday is on the 11th

David Boykin’s birthday is on the 12th

Grace “Galloway” Stokes's birthday is on the 12th

Martha “Nash” Gooding’s birthday is on the 12th

Ed Cumming's birthday is on the 13th

Nina Nash’s birthday is on the 22nd (Swami’s bride)

Jean “Lowe” Broadway’s birthday is on the 25th

Joe Black's birthday is on the 29th

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Karen "Hall" Whitehead

Friends of Karen (Hall) Whitehead, seen above wearing sunglasses, will enjoy learning about her volunteer activities (Beach Sweep 2007) this past summer at Hunting Island State Park here in South Carolina.

Here is a snippet

“Three little turtles were hatched and slowly made their way to the ocean. It was quite a sight..."

Editor's note: I'm sure Karen would love hearing from her friends. You can use this opportunity post your thoughts by clicking on the comment button below.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gathering of the Classes II

Just a note to let you know that we have formed a committee to begin with the planning of the next Gathering of the Classes. The members are John Patterson, Johnny Reames, Richard Parnell, and Daphne Jean Dickerson. We are already getting excited about the next Gathering. If you came to the last one, we hope you will plan to attend this one. If you missed the last one, don't miss this one. It is going to be super.

We hope to have the entire weekend (July 25, 26, 27 of 2008) planned with activities designed to delight you.

The Bishopville Country Club has been reserved for the main Gathering event on July 26, 2008. Mark your calendars now and let us know immediately that u are coming.

A sub-committee is hard at work on "tentative plans" to have a picnic and fishing derby at Lee County's beautiful Ashwood Lake on July 27, 2008 so if u would like to be included in the festivities, send us an email.

Because of the interest voiced last year, we are forming a golfing committee. Again, if you are interested in showing off your golfing skills, let us know by sending an email.

We will be working to get group rates from the area lodgings.

Keep watching the blog for updates and information. If you know someone that does not have access to a computer, please send one of the members their name and phone number or their mailing address so they can be contacted as well.

We had a great crowd last time and are hoping for many more this year.

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