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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some Yankees Make the Best Southerners

I have suspected for some time now that we have a small number of Yankees who have been milling about in Lee County for years.

Could be that some of them went to school with us over the years?

It’s entirely possible that if they have been here for a while it may be easier said than done to tell them apart from one of us true Natives.

That is until now!

They can’t hide behind that phony Southern twang anymore!

No sirree bob tail!

Chewing tobacco, owning a couple of coon dogs, driving a pickup truck or owning a John Deere riding mower is not enough of a disguise anymore.

We true Southerners have the ultimate test. If you are a true Southerner you have nothing to fear….. However, if you are a Yankee and this is a warning - - - Don’t click on the title of this article!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brian Adams Named Pitcher of the Year

Brian Adams,of the Somerset Patriots in Bridgewater, NJ, has been named "Pitcher of the Year" as well as the "Left-Handed Starter of the Year" for the Atlantic League, an independent league organization. Brian finished the 2007 regular season with a 15-2 record, a 3.68 ERA, and 117 strikeouts in 156 innings pitched. The 15 wins were the best in the Atlantic League this season and a new Somerset Patriots team record for a single season. Adams finished second in the league in strikeouts, fourth in innings pitched, and fourth in ERA. Patrick McVerry, President/ General Manager of the Patriots said, "Brian had one of the best performances this league has seen from any pitcher in its history and is truly deserving of this award."

Brian was graduated from Robert E. Lee Academy in Bishopville. He received a baseball scholarship to Clemson University where he played for three years. He transferred to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and was then an eighth round draft pick for the Boston Red Sox. Brian finished his degree at Clemson during the off-seasons in 2005. This fall, Brian will be playing baseball in Mexico.

He is the son of Jerry and Marilyn (Garvin) Adams of Bishopville.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christine !!!!!!!!!!!

An e-mail from Bev "Muldrow" Reid

Hey John!!

Thanks for the emails and the news from B'ville.

Here's one for you--remember when my mom was going strong and racing around the Darlington race track?? Bubba was given the "Richard Petty Experience" for a birthday gift several years ago. Well I'm here to tell you I very quickly turned down his offer to don the race gear and sail around the track! Buttttttt there was our mom and she happily took up the gauntlet, put on the race suit, helmet, etc. and climbed in the race car window as the real racers do!! Away she went and if you think I felt bad that I was #1 chicken you would be mistaken. Too much out of my control and way too fast. Mom finished the ride and once again climbed (with some assistance) out the window looking like she had just walked out of the Bishopville Presbyterian church.

Now to the point of this message---Mom will be 90 years (young)the 16th of October and Bubba Louis and I are giving a big bash, noooo just kidding-a reception in her honor on Sunday afternoon 7th of October at the Bishopville Presbyterian church fellowship hall. Three till six. Anyone that remembers (mom will remember all) she has done for Bishopville (job titles include bookmobile driver, Probate Judge, civil defense office, hospital medical secretary, and the list goes on.)

A lot of us remember all the times she drove us around before we were 14. Can you believe we got our driver's license that young???

Please let everyone on "Natives" know we would love to have them stop by and join the fun and say Happy Birthday Christine.

Thanks and love to you and Ann.



From left to right starting with front row: Beverly Muldrow, Bubba Muldrow, Frances Muldrow, Reidy Muldrow, George Reid Muldrow holding Daphne Jean Muldrow

Back row left to right: Robert Muldrow - Christine Muldrow - Daphne Muldrow, and grandmother Goldie Muldrow

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Editor's note: I received a nice thank you e-mail Mon 9/17/2007 from Harriette "Stokes" Yarbrough and I wanted to share it with you.

Harriette wrote:

Just got off the phone with Scoozie. She is thrilled with all the cards she is getting!! Says she feels like a movie star.

I want to thank everyone for doing this. It has meant so much to her.

She actually sounded much stronger than she has in a long time.

I think it is wonderful that so many of you took the time to send her a card and I appreciate Johnny getting the word out.

Hope to see everyone at the next reunion.

Thanks again.


Harriette celebrates her Birthday each September 10th. Did you wish her a Happy Birthday?

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