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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Images From "The Gathering of The Classes

John and Kathy
Nice shirt John

Buddy and Bev
Let's get this party started!

Jane and Zilphia
Two BHS beauties!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Let Them Know We Are Thankful

I won't burden you with explainations about the above site. Just take a moment and go there. Many brave men and women will appreciate hearing from you.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jimmy McLeod

Simply saying his name brings forth floods of wonderful memories!!!!

Yesterday in Bethlehem cemetery amid the towering grand old cedar trees; a restless wind stirred and reminded us of the changing of seasons.

Perhaps the restless wind was a gentle reminder that a changing of the guard was also taking place.

Under beautiful Lee County skies Jimmy’s many friends gathered around his faithful family as words of remembrance and encouragement were exchanged.

Songs were sung.

Tears were shed.

Friendships renewed; all as it should be.

Each of us in our own right fondly recalled past seasons and the good times had by all.

Days of our youth are fading quickly… too quickly… time is relentless.

Farewell Jimmy; God speed.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


by Daphne Jean Muldrow Dickerson

I would like to say a few words about someone I consider to be a great man from Bishopville. Dr. Herman Denny was one of the best physicians that I ever had the privilege to work with, and I worked with many over the thirty- three years that I was a practicing RN. He was one of the people that helped me make the decision to attend nursing school. It was him that I thanked quietly every time I realized my dream came true as Director of Nursing in an acute care facility.

When I was in high school, I went to work at Lee County Memorial Hospital as
a candy striper and then worked as a nursing assistant while I completed my education. Dr. Denny always encouraged me and praised me. He was a very caring physician. He was loved by his patients and the medical community as a whole. He never raised his voice to the nursing staff and never made anyone feel incompetent in what they did. He was willing to teach and share what he knew in order to provide his patients the best of care.

I remember one Thanksgiving Day he and I had the good fortune, or not, to work. We were talking about the day as he was finishing his rounds and he asked me what I had planned after my shift was over. I told him that Georgeanna, my daughter, was at her grandmother’s in Olanta and that I was going to go home and rest. He left the hospital and in a little while retuned with a platter, not a plate, from the kitchen of Mrs. Peggy, his wife. I think he brought mine before they ever sat down to eat theirs. The food was excellent and it certainly made my day more enjoyable. I do not think a Thanksgiving Day has come and gone since that I do not remember him for that kind gesture.

One 4th of July, when I was working, an error had been made in the doctor’s call schedule for the weekend. There was not one physician in the town of Bishopville to assist with the emergencies that came through the ER. Being the nurse in charge of the hospital that weekend, I called to see if by any chance the Denny’s were in town. Thank goodness for the miracle. Dr. Denny was not only in town, but came to my rescue, and we worked side by side for the entire afternoon and evening. What a “cornerstone” he was.

I know that I have lost a true friend and someone that I admired and respected all my life. The medical community has also lost a fine man and doctor. Too bad some of the new physicians of today could not have had him to give them lessons in doctor-nurse relationships. With his easy going manner and his efficient ways, a nurse knew where she stood with him and what his expectations were of her. He was the kind of physician that makes every nurse want to provide the best patient care. You always wanted to protect him from calls in the middle of the night. (There are some physicians that need to know the power a nurse holds) He made it easy to do a hard job and never failed to say two short phrases that a nurse loves to hear. He would always say, “Thank you and good job.”

Many lives have been touched and made better for having known this kind and gentle man. To Dr. Denny, I say, “Farewell, but never forgotten.” But most importantly I say, “Thank you and good job.”

There is always Denny’s Pool to be remembered and moments in history that shall never be forgotten at that glorious place. As a small child, I remember being there learning to swim. Of course my mother and daddy were in attendance during those years. Do you remember the high dive? I remember that I was too afraid to even look up that high much less think about trying to jump. Then one summer I made up my mind to go up the long ladder. I did this mainly because everyone out there but me was jumping and diving from it. I got up to the top, looked down, and thought I would surely die if I went off that thing. As I turned to go back down, there was a crowd of my peers smiling and blocking my way. It was jump or be pushed. I jumped. After that I could hardly contain myself and was up and down the steps all day long. Next came the time to dive. I had my form just perfect, but when I made the leap, I thought I would never hit the water. I did, and when I came up I thought I had the entire Atlantic Ocean up my nose. I think I sneezed for at least a week after that. Later were the “older” years and we would all meet to have an entire day of swimming and shagging under the covered patio. But the shagging was my thing. We all helped each other learn our steps and the rest is history. How many sunburns did we obtain in one summer?? But Dr. Denny had lots of creams and ointments to help us survive the weather.

It is certainly a shame that our children and grandchildren never had a Denny’s Pool where they could go and be safe and have the time of their life. Dr. Denny, thank you for giving us that place and that time in our lives. Those times and you will never be forgotten.

Let’s not forget one last thing that Dr. Denny gave to Lee County and Bishopville: that wonderful jewelry store on Main Street. There was so much to choose from when you walked into the clean store. For many years after I moved away, I would return there to have my jewelry repaired or cleaned, or to purchase a gift for myself or a friend. I have shopped in many jewelry stores since then, but in my opinion, Denny’s was the place to go for quality and beauty. So many changes now in our little town of Bishopville, but the memories Dr. Denny left for us are many.

Good night and rest well merchant, physician and friend. Thank you for everything that you gave to the town. Thank you for so many happy memories.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

More pictures from the "Gathering of the Classes" reunion September 29, 2006


Daphne Jean Muldrow Dickerson and Lee Stevenson


Marilyn Garvin Adams


Val Green


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Friday, October 06, 2006

Bobby "Moose" Cummins

Bobby Benson

Mike Monroe

Vernon Reynolds

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Natives of Lee County South Carolina

Natives of Lee County South Carolina

On September 29, 2006, the Bishopville Country Club was filled with Bishopville High
School Alumni, and what a time we had! Graduates came from Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and all over our fine state of South Carolina.

David Watson graciously gave the invocation after we took a moment to remember our deceased, but not forgotten, classmates.

Hank Martin, class of 1963, delighted us with his singing, Mark Gagnon of Fayetteville, NC did a remarkable rendition of Elvis favorites, and Troy Bunch of Florence crooned for us intermittently while spinning those toe-tapping 1950's and 60's shagging songs.

Many of us had dusted off the old Bass Weejuns, lovingly applied a thin coat of paste wax, and proudly wore them to the party. Oh, how good it felt to feel that little bit of South Carolina sand on that concrete patio beneath those leather soles.

Members of the classes of 1953 to 1966 decided that another "Gathering of the Classes" is a must! Therefore, we will do it again; perhaps in two years. Our little committee of Daphne Muldrow Dickerson, Marilyn Garvin Adams, and me, Mary Wade O'Kelley Smith logged in many hours of planning, phone calls, mailings (snail mail and e-mail), moving tables and chairs, decorating, etc.

Many thanks to Johnny Reames, Buddy Strickland, Jerry and Brian Adams, John and Kathy Patterson, Richard and Mary Parnell, Bubba Muldrow, and Steve Monroe for all their muscle power, janitorial engineering, artistic talents, and most importantly, their congenial compliance to our every request.

As a bonus, monetary door prizes were awarded in amounts up to $150.00 along with a CD given to each guest compiled by John Patterson of great shag songs.

The 150 plus who attended are certain that the word will spread, and all those who were unable to come this year will be sure to attend next time.

After the Saturday morning clean-up, a group of us met for lunch at Watford's barbeque, and relished in the glow of friendships renewed and memories made.

Thanks to computers and e-mail, we have received instant positive responses. The 2006 reunion was a colossal success!

MaryWade O'Kelley Smith
Kings Mountain, NC

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh What a Night!!!

Richard Parnell and Irene "Reames" Lewis
Shagging the night away.

"The Gathering of The Classes" 1955-1965

To me... the night was like my favorite meal! Breakfast... I don't even have to close my eyes to smell the mouth watering aroma.

Picture this... A hearty plate of locally milled hot steaming grits loaded with freshly churned butter; scrambled eggs taken from the chicken coop that morning; ham or slabs of bacon fresh off the farm all of which is topped off with good ole country scratch biscuits crowned with more butter and heavily ladened with blackberry jam from the pantry. Oh... you wash all of this down with a large, cold glass of "Bossy's" milk.

I'm talking about a true country breakfast that few people today get to experience.

From all across this great land of ours, faithful BHS alumni made their way down Country Club Lane that beautiful September evening, in anticipation of the night to come. No one knew just what to expect simply because something like this had never been attempted before.

Making a long story short, Ann and I picked up Sammy and Helen Boykin, who were staying overnight at a local motel in Sumter, and headed to Bishopville early that evening. The excitement of seeing each other after so many years seemed to make the 22 mile drive end quickly.

How people cram years of experiences into a few minutes of conversation is amazing.

After parking the car the four of us headed to the Club house where we were intercepted by a country gentleman sporting a huge grin, and attired in well worn faded coveralls and baseball cap.

With hometown wit that only Graham Drayton possesses, Sammy, Helen, Ann and I were throughly entertained for the next several minutes until "Goon" excused himself by explaining that he had to "get home to splash some soapy water and deodorant under his arms.

The night was on!

Thank you Daphne Jean, Marilyn and Mary Wade!

More on their efforts and pictures galore in later postings. So stay tuned to this blog!
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